About Bath

Bath is situated around 100 miles west of London, and 13 south-east of Bristol, just south of the Costwolds. Covering an area of around 10 square miles, Bath has got a large amount of Historical architecture including the Famous Roman Baths, the Bath Abbey and the Royal Cresent. Bath also has several parks, including Parade Gardens in the centre of the city next to the Abbey, Sydney gardens and the Royal Victoria Park, where the Bath cycle races will take place.

The Royal Victoria park is a short walk from the city centre, it is overlooked by the Royal Cresent and covers an area 57 acres. The park has a 1.5km road circling inside it, which is where the race shall be hosted. Built on a slight hill, the course has rises around the lower half from the monument, before going around the top corner and descending around the back, down to the monument.